Heard of Opera  Dubai?

Yes, it is not a rumor anymore! You might have heard of Dubai planning to have its own  Opera.  The fantastic news is that Dubai Opera  has been already opened for the shows.  A bountiful news for the classical music lovers isn’t? The first opera theatre of the middle east.  No more going elsewhere to enjoy The Opera.

Opera is not just singing, but a combination of singing, music and sometimes accompanied by dramatic or other acts. Opera is believed to have existed even prior to the 17th century, a very soothing and impactful form of art.

The Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera house will host its very first show this Wednesday.   The  tickets to the first show by Placido Domingo is already sold out. So, if you missed it, better luck next time!  About 2000 seats were made available for its very first Spanish show and all are believed to be sold out.

Performances at Dubai Opera

After the Spanish performance by Placido Domingo several other fabulous acts are in the queue. Like that of The Pearl Fishers on the first of September  which  is immediately followed by the Ballet Giselle on the sixteenth.

Dubai Opera Interiors

The exteriors are not completely done at the time and several workers are on the task of completing it. Although, the main entrance is all set to welcome the visitors.  They, however, seem to have gotten lucky with the interiors.  It is well set and ready for the show! The wood, antiques and red leathered comfortable seating add to the glory of it, creating a vintage ambience.

How to book Dubai Opera Tickets?

At the moment tickets are only available online  through their website. For ticket inquiries you can directly reach them on boxoffice@dubaiopera.com .   So even if you are ready to stand in long queues, it is of no use.

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