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All about the photo editing applications in the App store

After the grand opening of the two new apple retail stores in the middle east, in fact the only two apple retail shop in the middle east , the excitement of  getting an Apple product  kicks into a whole new level. Especially amongst the UAE residents and nationals, both the stores  being located within the country, their awe for the  Apple products has only increased.  The Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi and Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha, Dubai have the very first  Apple stores and people can’t have enough of the Apple store experience,  the ambience, huge collection of products, even the casual yet humble ways of the store representatives are remarkably liked and appreciated by the people.  Yes, the middle east people  are in love with the Apple store shopping experience.

Having an apple product has many advantages over the others.  The Apple store is a huge reservoir of games, books, lifestyle apps, and other useful applications. Some of the applications actually work better with the iProducts. Even the social media giants like the Facebook are keen on rolling out their most prominent and latest features to the iProduct users only.  If you want to  be the first  you got to have an iProduct.  The scope of Apple store is humungous, only brims of the photo editing apps will be discussed here.  Shall you want to get one online or for sale in Dubai,  visit:

Here are a few applications that will let you edit he pictures professionally without needing any technical knowledge  or skills.


This is neatly rated editor, although the ratings are just neat, but the application is a stunner. Compared to other similar photo editing apps this one is very sleek,  you can save up to 6 MB. The size of this application is only 58.04 MB.

What can you do with it?

You can capture those professional photos with high quality lens. It has various lens options to suit  your photographic needs. The Cymera can also be molded into your phone’s  camera, so that you can access all the Cymera features and lenses without needing to open this application. Speaking about lens, it has fish eye, Sprocket, basic and many more options. The shake free mode  works well, especially when you want to click the candid shots. Apart from the lenses this app also features a cool collection of stickers  and filters. The app gets even better with every update.


Camera 360

This is the ultimate store for various effects. You could either sync it with your gallery to add the incredible effects or capture  with the effects on with the applications integrated camera. The application is slightly huge, it will consume 93.51 MB of your space. Anyhow, It is worth the space because it has many photo filters and effects to offer. Literally one is better than the other, all of them will take you surprise and leave you confused.


What can you do with it?

You can add a filter to your picture, convert  your picture into a portrait. The blur feature works well, you can give the feel of a professional photograph taken by adjusting the shutter speeds to any of your pictures. Simple editing like zoom, crop etc can also be done with this editor. Even the fine tunings in layer, temp, exposure, contrast, vibrancy, saturation… can be done.  Anyways, you need not get to depths to get a great picture. Just click a picture, add a camera 360 filter and your good to go. It  also has various selfie options, sorry for ruling this one out, you should check it yourself, if you happen to be a selfie person you are sure to appreciate it.



Pixlr is yet another great photo editor. It is perfect for adding text and other layers to your pictures and it is very  easy to use. Even a five-year-old can use it to perfection. It has a size of  33.59 MB. It also has frequent seasonal updates that will flood you with choices in texts,  stickers, frames and what not? It also has a feature called splash which is very much loved by the users.


What can you do with it?

You can add texts, frames, stickers and when you are done editing your pics you can also make a collage. It is a great collage maker and editor. You can  even fix your troubled images. Red eye and certain types of noise in the pictures can be eliminated. It also has this useful tool called heal that can be used for shine, shade or spot removal. The updates are sometimes fussy, but they fix it up with another immediate update. Autofix is yet another feature of this application that fixes your photo for you. Just select a picture and then select Autofix and your pic is all set.


Youcam Makeup

You cam has a series of very popular photo editors,  but Youcam Makeup is a masterpiece. Nothing like it. There are certain thing that can be done perfectly only using this application, like the interesting things. Coming to the size of the application, it is about -179 MB. Yeah, it is huge,  but when compared to the miracles it can work, the size is just a number.  Plastic surgery, face whitening,  Contact lens, Lipstick, concealer, bronzer wigs, Nash, you don’t need any of those, all you need is this application. Nope, do not confuse it for a ladies only application.

What can you do with it?

Click  a picture and you can change the eye color of the person in the picture  and it looks real, like really real. Change eye color,  hair color, hair style, skin tone and when you are done with all of that you can also do the groom ups like  brush and adjust your new hair style, apply a little mascara and over hundreds of lipstick shades to choose from. Lip liner, Gloss, mascara, false lashes, eye liner, eye shadow, blush, bronzer and  any other makeup, they have it all. This can be your personal makeover studio.

 Just these don’t make it a miracle app, it further allows you to change the shape of  your eyes, face, nose, chin, lips or anything about your face. You can shape  a totally new person using it. The next big question would be what if your picture has multiple faces on it? Not, a problem the application is smart enough to recognize all the faces in a picture.  You can begin with editing a face and then proceed to the next one. Wonderful isn’t? You can also select the look you want to get first and then click a picture with that preset look.

CunPic and DecoPic

CunPic and DecoPic are the applications of Yahoo Japan Corp.  Every girl is sure to love them, two amazing girly girl Apps. The highlights of the applications would be its vivid Variety and the scrap book like collage maker. Very small and compact applications. Cain pic is 29.88 MB whereas the Deco pic is 42.50 MB.

What can you do with it?

Cun pic.

They have a decent collection of lovely filters, that every girl will love. A filter to suit your flair, a filter for each of your mood. It also has this feature called as acne removal that not only covers up for your acnes but it also gets rid of all our blemishes. This application does not have a camera of its own, but this can be considered as a plus point because it lets you use any camera application that you have, like the Cymera, Camera 360  or the camera of your phone.  The only one flaw in this application is that it will require you to crop your picture before editing. Although, they offer both the rectangle and square crop options, it does not cover up for the part of your image that is lost. Otherwise,  it is a fun application.

Deco Pic

If you are into decorations this is the perfect application for you. You can use this application instead of a scrapbook.  It is the best collage maker ever with unlimited elements and plenty of backgrounds to play with. Create beautiful notes, calendars, collages and just about anything to suit your fancy.

In short, first you could add a filter to your pic using Cun pic and then you can directly tap the Deco pic button to create beautiful decorations without having to switch the applications.



No crop

This is an application for your  Instagram, it does not do much, but it is simply the best at what it does. The size of this application is 35.23 MB. It has some cool filters apart from its no crop feature.

What can you do with it?

How many times were you frustrated, when you had to crop the pictures while posting it into Instagram? Plenty of you might has even tried to change the resolutions of your picture.  No crop is for just that. It lets you post any picture in Instagram, without having to crop it. It doesn’t matter what the size or resolution of the picture is the pictures get  fit into the Insta square without any distortion.



These are some amazing photo Applications that you can use to edit your pictures without needing any Photoshop or illustrator skills. They give your pictures professional clarity, even SEO specialists make use of these for creating unique images with unique pixel information. You can also run your pictures through multiple editors without any distortions and with very less or no loss of pixels at all. For example,  you can use the  lens  from Cymera Camera to capture a picture and then add to it a filter from camera 360, then eliminate the noise  using  Pixlr if any were to occur, you can further add text to it… You can also use the edited pictures to create a calendar using Deco Pic.

That’s all about the photo editors for now. To know about Sale in Dubai or for crazy Dubai sales, keep in check with our website.