Gone are the days of Gucci&Gabana, this autumn gets edgy with your Snapchat spectacles. A fab  product from Snap Inc. Snap Inc.? Well, apart from the new product they also have a new name. Now, that they have decided to expand their division to hardware, the name change to something more corporate was obvious.  A pair of Snapchat’s fancy glasses can shoot videos and take snaps that can be uploaded directly to Snapchat. They claim to have invented the world's tiniest camera to fit into a cool pair of shades without actually looking shady.

About the product

The spectacles can only record a video for up to 10 secs and it is marketed as – “ Video from Users perspective”. Well, Facebook  is making headlines with its live streaming and twitter is not far behind with its periscope streaming, then how can Snapchat not make some noise. Especially! When it has no plans of being taken under the wings of Facebook. That’s right Facebook made a failed attempt to acquire Snapchat. Although each of the video length can only be 10 secs, the device can keep recording a whole day on  a single charge.  

It has Peculiar Lenses. The camera has its lens angled at 115 degrees. According to some publications, these lenses produce views similar to that of a human eye. If not for the technology you can definitely get one for, the looks, it looks just Wow! Too bold and vivid.

If you are planning to record your favorite night concert experience with it, well you should just stop right there. Unless, you want to bump into something or someone. Even though it is called Snapchat Spectacles, it is sunglasses in actuality. The video recording isn‘t great either after the sunset. Maybe the later replications of the product will be well equipped to record under various light conditions. The glasses will be available by fall in free size and three colors. That is all in the news about the – Snapchat Shades. Won’t  the Snapchat shades raise any privacy concerns? Let’s wait and watch! Where can you buy the Snapchat glasses in Dubai? Well, right here! Buy Snapchat glasses Dubai at best rates.

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